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An apprenticeship is a job but with training. You can apply for apprenticeships at any time but remember that because it is a job they will often want you start quite soon  so check the deadline. You can't start until you have left school!

There is lots of excellent advice about apprenticeship, what they are and how to find them on the Careers East Sussex website here -

For more advice on the choices available to you, visit these useful websites:

You can search for Apprenticeships here and register to get alerts -

You can also find out lots of information at and you can get free help and support by calling 0800 0150 400 or email



A traineeship is a course that includes a work placement that will get you ready for an apprenticeship or a job. You’ll get work experience and some help to apply for your next steps. You can also improve your maths and English skills. You’ll get work experience and some help to apply for whatever you do next.

  • Location: You’ll spend a minimum of 70 hours in a work placement with the rest of your time in college or a training centre

  • Duration: 6 weeks to 1 year

  • Entry requirements:  You need to be aged between 16 to 24 or up to 25 with an Education Health and Care Plan with no higher than a level 3 qualification

  • Qualifications: English, maths, digital and work-related qualifications

Leads to: Apprenticeship, further education, work