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The curriculum at King’s Academy Ringmer (KAR) is designed to build the knowledge and skills required to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences later in life, such as:  

  • Further education, training or employment

  • Other rich opportunities and experiences (travel, meeting new people, joining clubs, trying new activities, developing further interests, healthy living)

  • Responsibilities (being a good family member and friend, becoming a parent/carer) 

The curriculum is designed carefully to cater for all students.  Literacy and oracy are carefully considered throughout the curriculum, and developed throughout the 5 years.  

It is our aim that all students at KAR leave at a considerable advantage due to the ambitious and highly effective curriculum they have experienced.

Each subject at KAR designs and manages their own curriculum, with some key values underpinning each subject curriculum:  

  • The knowledge and skills are built logically over time

  • The curriculum is designed to enable the key knowledge to be stored in the long term memory and automaticity to be developed for the key skills

  • Assessments are analysed to determine the effectiveness of the curriculum

  • The curriculum is updated, where appropriate

  • Every opportunity is taken to develop literacy, especially reading

  • Teachers consider what the most useful information is for each topic of learning

Please contact Mr Burchett, Vice Principal if you have any questions regarding or should you wish to find out more about the curriculum. 

More details regarding the overarching curriculum intent as well as that for our individual subjects can be found below: