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The below graph shows there is a concentration of industries within the Sussex Learning Network region, such as:

  • Service activities

  • Accommodation and food service activities 

  • Human health and social work activities

  • Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles

The information above and in the graph can help you to decide your next steps.  


Knowing what jobs and industries are available and concentrated in the area you live in, can help you with decisions about further education, apprenticeships and when you consider what type of job you’d like to have.

As you can see, the largest industries of food services, wholesale and retail trade



This graph splits the data further, and shows you the specific types of jobs in the region.  Here you can see that caring, leisure and other service occupations is the top job type in the area, followed by sales and customer service - however if you are someone who prefers a skilled trade, that comes in with over 60,000 people employed in those jobs.  The South East really does offer many opportunities.

Finally, this graph shows the pathways for the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education jobs in the region.  It shows predicted job openings between 2021-2026.

This shows that the top areas were:

  • Retail

  • Health

  • Hospitality

  • Transport

  • Engineering, manufacturing and process control 

Using this information, you can see that there is a broad range of jobs and industries you could work in and study towards, and we are here to help you consider and decide on the path right for you.
To look further into this information, please click here which takes you to the Sussex Learning Network report “Labour Market Demand and Supply Study”.