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Students can find all revision resources on the ELP for DT Engineering.

Food Technology 

All students have been given a revision guide by AQA and revision sheets.


Students can access revision materials on the ELP

Suggested revision materials:

GCSE Geography Revision Guide


Students can find all revision resources on the ELP for GCSE DT Graphics


Suggested revision materials:

Edexcel GCSE PE Revision Guide


Students can practice assessments at Educake. Login details will be available from the student's Science teacher.


SAM Learning 

All students have their own logins to help them track their progress. Students login with the following details at

Centre ID: BN8RC2

User ID: Date of birth followed by two initials – first name then last name. Example: 010896DJ is the User ID for David Jones born 1st Aug 1996

Password: Initially same as the User ID (Students are encouraged to change this to something which is difficult to guess)



Kerboodle website for Science (, where students will be assigned tasks tailored to the course they are completing. In addition to the assigned homework tasks students can also use Kerboodle to access: electronic versions of the textbooks, assessment materials and knowledge quizzes.


Science resources used this week (November 2017) can be found below.

  1. Science pdf
  2. Knowledge test docx
  3. Knowledge test ANSWERS docx
  6. Recommened Revision Guides pdf
  7. English pdf
  8. ENGLISH - Recommened Revision Guides pdf
  9. ENGLISH - An Inspector Calls Knowledge Organiser pdf
  10. ENGLISH - Recommened Revision Guides pdf
  11. ENGLISH - Frankenstein Knowledge Organiser pdf
  12. ENGLISH - Recommened Revision Guides pdf
  13. ENGLISH -A Christmas Carol Knowledge Organiser pdf
  14. ENGLISH - Macbeth KO pdf
  15. ENGLISH - An Inspector Calls Knowledge Organiser pdf
  16. ENGLISH - FINAL Literature HOW TO guide pdf
  17. ENGLISH - Lang P2 HOW TO guide pdf
  18. ENGLISH - Lang P1 HOW TO guide pdf
  19. Art pdf
  20. ART - Yr11 GCSE ART info Term2 2017-18 pdf
  21. Food Tech pdf
  22. Food and Nutrition Useful Websites pdf
  23. Food and Nutrition Revision list 1 pdf
  24. Geography pdf
  25. Geography - Coasts_knowledge organiser pdf
  26. Geography - fieldwork A3 knowledge organiser pdf
  27. Geography - Paper_3_Fieldwork_Revision_CHECKLIST-1 pdf
  28. Geography - Rivers knowledge organiser pdf
  29. Geography - TRF knowledge organiser pdf
  30. Geography - Urban issues and challenges knowledge organiser pdf
  31. Geog Changing_economic_world student handbook pdf
  32. Geog Living World student handbook pdf
  33. Geog Natural Hazards student handbook pdf
  34. Geog Physical_Landscapes_UK student handbook pdf
  35. Geog Urban Issues and Challenges student handbook pdf
  36. Geography - Resource Issues student handbook pdf
  37. History - British-sector-of-western-front-part-1-1 pdf
  38. History - British-sector-of-western-front-part-2-1 pdf
  39. History - Edexcel - Paper 1 - WTM final.pptx VP pdf
  40. History - Edexcel - Paper 3 - WTM pdf
  41. History - Medicine-1250-to-1500 pdf
  42. History - Medicine-1500-to-1700 pdf
  43. History - Medicine-1700-to-1900 pdf
  44. History - Medicine-1900-to-modern-day pdf
  45. PE pdf
  46. PE Recommended Revision Books and Websites pdf
  47. Spanish pdf
  48. Spanish - Mat Spanish Key expressions pdf
  49. Spanish - GCSE SPANISH key verbs time expressions 2017 pdf
  50. Spanish - Mat 1 Spanish Key expressions pdf
  51. Spanish - Year7SpanishBooklet OP 2016-17 pdf
  52. French pdf
  53. Year_9_-_Cuaderno_de_GramÃtica pdf
  54. FRENCH - GCSE-French-Useful-speaking-and-writing-structures pdf
  56. success at GCSE 2 mat pdf
  57. success at GCSE mat pdf
  58. FRENCH - Tablemat_Conjugaison_française pdf
  59. Manyleb_-_Specification pdf
  60. DT pdf
  61. part 1 The design process pdf
  62. part 4 Systems and Mechanisms pdf
  63. part 7 Project Advice pdf
  64. part 6 Industrial Awareness pdf
  65. part 5 Market Influences pdf
  66. part 3 Materials and Components pdf
  67. part 2 Tools and processes pdf
  68. spec pdf
  69. T2 Timbers pdf
  70. History pdf
  71. Practice Paper 1 set 4 pdf
  72. Maths pdf
  73. Revision PPT 2017 pptx