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The Academy Canteen is run by Chartwells

At the academy, we operate a cashless electronic payment system for school meals.
Each student is issued with a unique 5 digit pin number. The pin will be issued to all new students as they start at the academy whether a new Year 7 or a Mid Term Transfer.

Students top up their cashless account using one of three Revaluation Machines sited around the school (these machines accept coins and notes). Parents/Carers can top up their child's cashless account via ParentPay. 

To use the pin account students select their food from the serveries and enter their pin number at the till where the cost of the selection will be deducted from their account.

Queues move more quickly in the Dining Hall, thus reducing the waiting time for students.

You will be able to ensure that your child is spending lunch money on food from the college (and for this reason the school does not give change to students, e.g. we will not change down a £5 note if requested)

Students receiving free school meal entitlement will be indistinguishable from those paying for their meals. This hopefully will encourage more parents to apply for free school meals and support those students who are reluctant to use their entitlement.

By using the option to pay by ParentPay, Parents/Carers can avoid the risks of loss and theft associated with students bringing cash into school.

You will be able to support your child in adopting healthy eating habits by monitoring their diet.

Students whose accounts are credited for longer periods can be encouraged to develop good habits of financial management.

Students entitled to free school meals will have their account credited daily to the current value of a free school meal, in line with the cost of the 2-course meal of the day. The County Council reviews this value regularly.

We hope that this will encourage more parents to take advantage of their free school meal entitlement. Please contact Reception for details of how to apply for free school meals. Students entitled to free school meals may add further credits to their account via ParentPay or by using the Revaluation Machines. Please note that any daily free meals’ credit not used will not be transferred.

Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances, such as a student leaving the academy. Students will be asked to complete an "Application for Refund" form, available from Reception and return it to Reception once complete. We would ask that you give at least two days’ notice to ensure prompt payment.

Students who have forgotten or suspect that their pin number has been compromised should visit the ICT Admin Office for a reminder of the old one or a replacement.

Should you have concerns about how the account is being used and wish to monitor expenditure or diet, you may ask for a record of how your child’s account has been used. You will be given details of money credited and purchases made.

This service is provided on special request - you will be asked to complete a "Request for Activity Record" form available from Reception, which should be completed and returned to Reception, together with a £2.00 fee (This covers administration costs).

 Activity Report

 Forgotten/Lost Pins

 Vending Machine


 Free School Meals

 The Benefits of a Cashless Payment System:

 Electronic Cashless Pin System.


COVID 18 preparation for returning to school in September 2020

We know that returning to school in September for those who have been off since the start of lockdown can be a worrying process for parents and students.  We also know that the number one concern for parents is the safety of their child in a post lockdown world. So, we want to help alleviate some of those worries by demonstrating how we have planned a safe return. To do this, a Back to School Safely video has been developed which can be accessed here.