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Principal's Message

My educational ethos is simple and straightforward – to give every child the strength, resilience, determination and opportunities that I was given. So that for them, like me, learning is their champion, their inspiration and the opportunity to stretch themselves further than they ever imagined possible.  This is why I teach, and it is this ethos that drives me to lead others.”  I lead King’s Academy Ringmer with great pride because it embodies all I believe about education.

The school is part of King’s Group of Academies (KGA) who have over forty years of experience in enhancing the education of young people both in the UK and abroad. 

We absolutely believe that student learning and progress is our core purpose. However, we are equally determined that Ringmer students will have the skills and attributes to live and work in the global society of tomorrow, and will be confident in their morals and values in order to lead good lives.

We are a school that caters for individual talents and strengths. We believe in the importance of enabling every student to achieve to the extent of their ability. We can only be truly successful when the school works as a team with students, staff and parents united in securing the common goal of helping your child achieve their best.

Each student is supported through a dedicated tutor and year group team. We encourage positive attitudes and aim to provide an environment in which all learners feel valued, challenged and secure, and where they can develop the skills and confidence to become young adults.

We are passionate about ensuring that our students also develop well personally through participation in wider activities such as clubs, competitions, student leadership and trips.  A well-established programme of music, sporting and other enrichment activities offers the chance for our young people to pursue their interests and develop new ones. Our students have a proud reputation for sporting, arts and musical success and we take great pride in their achievements in these and other areas.

We intend to continue to build on our successes and look forward to the future as we work together to help students reach their full potential. I look forward to meeting you when you visit King's Academy Ringmer. 


Kind regards


Sian Williams