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Options (KS4)


The Year 9 Options Evening will take place on Thursday 6th February 6pm-7.30pm. Mr Burchett will give a 20-minute briefing on the Key Stage 4 Curriculum from September and how to make the right choices. Parents and students will then have the chance to discuss the various courses on offer with subject teachers. Every year we review the subjects we offer and the format of the options given the make-up of our Year 9 students cohort.

In line with other local schools and based on DfE requirements for the curriculum we have evolved two main pathways; eBacc and Progress 8. Students on the eBacc pathway will need to select language and either Geography or History, plus two further options (which could include the other humanity subject). Students on the Progress 8 Pathway will need to select a language, Geography or History plus three further subjects (which include could both humanities and/or a language). Students prior-attainment in Key Stage 2, as well as any special educational needs have been considered in allocating students to the relevant pathways. Students will not however, be taught in separate classes depending on the pathways. All option classes will continue to be mixed ability.

Alongside the eBacc subjects of French, Geography, History and Spanish students will also be able to opt for: Art, Design Technology, Food and Nutrition, Music, Photography, Computer Science, BTEC Performing Arts: Theatre and Drama, BTEC Dance, BTEC Sport.

We are pleased to continue to offer Triple Science within the allotted time for Science in the curriculum so this is not given as an additional option. Dr Neal will inform parents/guardians regarding the students who will be entered for the course.

Making choices online

Students will make their choices online, logging in using their “KGApupils” email address. A demonstration of how to access and use the system will be given in an assembly with Year 9 and during the options evening. parents will receive an email after the options evening providing access to the options students have chosen but they will be unable to amend choices. This is only possible through the students' accounts. However, if anyone struggles with the system then they should contact tutors who can access the options and add or update them.  Allocation to classes will not be on a first come first served basis. Planning for the timetable from September will not start until all students have completed the options form. The deadline for completing the options online is Monday 2nd March 2020.

Once a user is registered with the online options system then it can be accessed directly at the following address: