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Main College Building

Welcome to the Eco Section of our website. The College has established an enviable record of achievement in environmental work. There have been substantial improvements in our buildings but more importantly in our systems and the way we operate. The College was built over 50 years ago when energy was cheap and issues such as global warming were unheard of.

The Photo Voltaic (Solar) Panels

One of our first major achievements was obtaining £48,000 of funding from EDF and the Green Fund to install Solar Panels to our main College roof. These generate 7.5Kw of electricity which represents around 10% of electrical use. To celebrate the commissioning of the panels we invited Norman Baker MP to the College. We have recently added a further 10Kw on the Stephen Green Building.

Our main college and swimming pool is heated by a 450Kw Biomass Boiler powered by woodchip sourced from local woodland. We also have a wind turbine. Extensive insulation has helped us reduce energy waste even further.

An important part of our work is to engage our pupils in all our eco projects. We now have over 200 Eco Reps. This means that 25% of the school play an active part in our eco work. At the opening of the solar panels all Eco Reps were invited and taken out of class to celebrate our success.

Rainwater Harvesting

In the last few years we have installed a rainwater harvesting system so we can flush the students toilets, this saves 8 liters of drinking water per flush. This was sponsored by South East Water.

Wakely Building

When designing our Wakely Building our Eco Reps were involved from the very beginning and suggested such energy saving devices as movement sensors, light sensors and the exterior blinds which have removed the need for air conditioning.

The Stephen Green Building

The policy of involving pupils in the design of buildings extended to the Stephen Green building which in addition to the systems detailed above also has a ground source heat pump providing around 35% of the building's energy.

Eco Code

The Eco Code is a document “designed for pupils by pupils” and sets out the simple criteria under which every classroom and office should operate. The code outlines systems for recycling, minimising energy waste and the role of the Eco Rep.


We Want Your Mobile!

A recent survey of pupils in an Assembly showed that nearly every pupil in the College had at least one redundant mobile phone. The College can recycle these phones and raise money at the same time. So please bring in those embarrassing old handsets and let us make use of them. We promise not tell anyone you actually used it!

You’ll not only be helping to raise funds but stopping masses of potential contamination which would occur if you put them in the household waste.
Simply bring the phones to the ICT Office and do your bit for recycling.

We recycle 110 tonnes of raw material each year including paper, cans, plastic, mobile phones, clothes, vegetable oil, printer cartridges and cardboard. We obtained our Recycling Bins free from Harvey’s Brewery in Lewes and there is one in each classroom and office and ECO Reps in that classroom empty the bins. Each student is given an allocation of paper for each month, Year 7’s get 15, and right the way through to Year 11’s who get 40.

National Recognition

Our work has also been recognised in a series of national awards. These include the Ashden Award given to the school in the UK showing the best means of energy usage, the Teaching Award for our work on sustainability, the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Award for sustainability and most recently Ringmer has been chosen to be one of the twelve UK schools to act as Ambassadors on sustainability at the 2012 Olympics. We were also the first school to win an Education Award from the Energy Institute and are an Ambassador Eco School.

The college was one of only two secondary schools to be invited by HRH Prince of Wales to exhibit our Eco work at his home, Clarence House. This resulted in a visit to the college by the Duchess of Cornwall, who met and spoke with our Senior Eco Reps in May 2014.

At Ringmer we see it as our responsibility to prepare every pupil with the knowledge they will need to make the important decisions about their environmental future which will occur within their lifetime.
With this philosophy permeating around the College we find ourselves standing at the forefront of setting standards and providing a rock solid example for others to follow.