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KAR Weekly Newsletter 25/03/21

Here is the Principal's Weekly Newsletter video. Please see below if you simply wish to read the information or access the links.

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Education at Kings.

We are doing very well in school and I am so proud of the students and the staff. I would like to remind you all though, that we are still in lockdown and we are still working with Covid restrictions in school. We have restrictions, contingency plans and skeleton resources especially human resources at the moment. Please remember that however you are feeling, staff at King's are feeling the same. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Music Department - Yet Another Number One - Episode 5 Mr Burchett!

Here's Episode 5 and welcome to our latest fantastic guest: Paul Burchett. Many of you will know him as Vice Principal of Kings Academy Ringmer. How many of you also knew he had been on tour with Iron Maiden?

Please encourage our students to watch both videos and complete their Independent Learning for music: this opportunity to hear about music from enthusiastic experts is invaluable. Achievement points will be awarded to all those who complete the assignment!

If you have any feedback on the series so far or are interested in taking part, please contact me at


Wellbeing Webpage

We are delighted to announce that our wellbeing webpage has now been published. Here you will find a wealth of information and resources.  This page will provide you and your family with the latest information regarding all aspects of mental wellbeing and will be updated regularly.

Please visit our website and click on the wellbeing tab which you will find under both the student and parent tabs


STILL Method Training

As mentioned a few weeks ago, two members of our staff, Mrs Peters and Mr Coomber, have trained to become coaches in the STILL Method Anxiety Programme. The first workshop will be delivered after Easter and is available to any student who is currently in year 6 and will be attending KAR in September 2021.

The workshops are based around the STILL Method Programme (see the leaflet in the blue tab at the bottom of the page) and will run for 6 weeks.

 Please see the dates below:

Wednesday 21st April 2021

Wednesday 28th April 2021

Wednesday 5th May 2021

Wednesday 12th May 2021

Wednesday 19th May 2021

Wednesday 26th May 2021

These workshops will take place at King’s Academy Ringmer between 4.15 pm-5.15 pm at a cost of £50 per child.

To book a place please email

Once a place has been confirmed, a booking form will be sent out for completion.


Year 10 Senior Student Applications

It has been great to see and hear the enthusiasm around the school. We are anticipating a high number of students applying this year, which is fantastic. Just a reminder that the deadline for applications is Friday 26 March at 4pm.

Please send your application letter and reference to Ms French. The applicants will be shortlisted and interviews for the successful candidates will be held on Tuesday 27th April 2021.  Good Luck, Mrs Peters.


Free School Meal vouchers for the Easter holidays 2021

We have now placed the order for the Free school meal voucher from a company called Huggg for the next two weeks Easter school holidays 2021 which you should receive by Monday 29th March 2021. There will be two vouchers on this occasion, one for £20.00 and the additional one for £15.00 which is a total of £35 per student for the two weeks Easter holidays.

You will get the vouchers by email directly from Huggg with the voucher code for next two weeks commencing Monday 5th April 2021 and Monday 12th April 2021 which will take you up to the end of the Easter break. If you have more than one child at the school you will receive separate vouchers for each child. Instructions on how to redeem the vouchers will be given within the email.

Please note that ALL vouchers that have been sent from both Edenred and Huggg have an expiry date on them, we are unable to change this date so we ask you to redeem them before the expiry date shown on the voucher. The next expiry date is March 31st and the new Easter vouchers will expire on 30th April 2021.  Thank you, Debbie Duckworth, Business Services Manager.


KAR Eco hub

This week we were visited by Ringmer Wildflowers to ask if we would be interested in taking part in their rewilding projects. We have leapt at the chance and would love this to be part of our school and home community.

The idea behind the blue heart campaign is to section off a part of your garden and let it grow wild. You don't even have to do anything apart from watch the grass grow and the pollinators move in. Our fantastic team of Eco-Reps at Kings Academy Ringmer have been making blue hearts out of recycled materials to show where the rewilding is happening. Look out for them on grass verges, in the churchyard and you may even want some for your garden!


Safeguarding Focus - Message from Sussex Police

Sussex Police have been notified of a recent incident involving students under the influence of drugs having consumed sweets. These students were taken to hospital. This was the second incident within the past 48 hours where young people have been admitted to hospital following taking drugs in the form of sweets. These drugs are believed to contain THC.  At this time we are unaware if these sweets are being used by young people in Sussex. Please can we be aware that these are out there and to let Sussex Police know if we are seeing them been used by young people – see link -

All students presented with reduced level of consciousness, vomiting & confusion.

I have attached the pictures of the sweets packaging.

Below is a little bit more about edible drugs.


What are edible drugs?

•    Edibles are typically made with highly concentrated cannabis, be it in actual concentrate form (hash oil), cannabis-infused butter, or infused oil.

•    Cannabis can be mixed into cakes (hash brownies), tea, yoghurt or sweets (gummies/lollipops). 

•    The amount of cannabis in these products can vary greatly and sometimes other harmful drugs are added too.

•    They can look very similar to well-known sweets such as Haribo, Smarties and chocolate bars.

•    Unregulated sweets like these are dangerous as we don’t know what levels of drugs they contain.

•    Edibles can be laced with illegal drugs such as cannabis and MDMA.

•    They are available to buy on the internet and so could easily be obtained by young people.


The issue

 •    Edibles take between 1-3 hours to have an effect because food is absorbed into the bloodstream through the liver.

•       Because it takes longer, the user may end up consuming larger amounts of the drug while thinking the drug isn't working. 

•       Overdosing with Edibles can be a greater risk because of this.

•       Hospitalisation due to overdosing on Edibles is the reality of consuming these sweets.

•       THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces a high sensation.

•       It can be consumed by smoking cannabis.

•       It's also available in oils, edibles, dropper bottles, capsules, and more.

•       THC is illegal in any form/ quantity

•       THC is what we most commonly see in Edibles, these manufactures of the THC edibles are unregulated and cannot accurately account for how much THC is in each sweet.

Have a great weekend

Kind regards


Sian Williams