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KAR Newsletter 18/03/21

Here is the Principal's Weekly Newsletter video. Please see below if you simply wish to read the information or access the links.

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RedNose day Clarification

The non-uniform aspect of this day seems to be causing anxiety across the school (including myself !) which is a real shame. I was hoping for a happy day with a return to the way we produced charity events a year ago. I am recalling the plethora of cake and enthusiasm on McMillan day. So: Please explain to your son/daughter that the aim is to wear a significant red item or something bright and cheerful.  They do NOT have to wear uniform with that item. They can wear jeans or tracksuit bottoms and hoodies BUT – the theme is bright colourful and red as much as possible. As the student council said yesterday- ‘We are really good at charity events and we have a reputation to live up to when it comes to our commitment to events.’

If your son/daughter do not wish to embrace the fun they can come in uniform and we completely understand, but it is not a dress down day.


Time is our most precious commodity

Now that we have everyone back in school, we don't want to waste a second of time. we have a broad and exciting curriculum of practical subjects such as dance, music and PE to get stuck into as we weren't able to do these subjects on a computer at home. BUT: We are not using phrases such as ‘catch up’ and closing the gap’ . We are teaching from where students are not where they should be.

All we ask from you is that you give us that commodity of time and encourage your son/daughter into schools much as possible. Every moment is valuable!


English Department - Y10 / 11 English Study Sessions

Y10 / 11 English Study Sessions will be held in S02 every Wednesday from 3.20pm to 4.30pm.  These are intended as independent learning sessions for revision and assessment preparation and will be supported by a subject specialist


English Department - Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and 11) English Independent Study Sessions

These will restart on Wednesdays from 3.20 - 4.30pm in S02.  These sessions are to support students to complete their Independent Learning, Revision and Assessment Preparation for English.  A subject specialist will supervise and provide help where necessary.  


Music Department - Yet Another Number One - Episode 4

Welcome to our brilliant guest Liz York. Liz is a musician and teacher currently Musical Director of Kinetic School for Performing Arts in Cardiff. Liz taught me A level Music at Cardinal Newman in the late nineties and has always been a big inspiration for me as a teacher.

Please encourage your child to watch the introduction video and the music video that follows as it is set as Independent Learning for all students in Years 7 - 9 and those students taking Music as a GCSE option. The purpose of the video series is to encourage wider listening among our students and to enrich their cultural understanding and experience through music. The whole task will take no longer than 10 minutes and is scheduled to be completed each two-week cycle of the timetable. All students who watch both videos and complete the question set in the google classroom will be awarded two achievement points.

Please do get in touch with me if you have any feedback or if you think you'd like to take part!


PE Department

It's great to have our students back in school and taking part in practical PE lessons again.  Just to remind everyone, school PE kit should be worn for lessons, extra clothing can be worn during unseasonable weather. We know that currently Sussex uniforms have no stock of the fleeces so please wear other appropriate tops (not hoodies).  Jewellery, including watches should not be worn in lessons.

We will be looking at getting Clubs up and running after Easter.


FAO – Parent/Carers of our Year 10 Students – Senior Leadership Team for 2021/2022

We are now recruiting our 2021-2022 Senior Student Leadership Team.  All Year 10 students have been emailed a copy of our Senior Student Leadership Booklet which details the posts we have available.  Mrs Peters will be shortly running a Year 10 assembly to explain the recruitment process.  We have asked those students that are interested in applying for one of the following posts to submit their letters of application to Mrs Williams, Principal by end of day on Friday 26 March 2021.  Interviews will take place on 27 April 2021.

Head Boy and Girl of School

Head of House – Franklin, Hawking, Seacole and Turing

Senior Transition Student

Senior Marketing Student

Senior Oasis Student

Senior Sports Student

I would be grateful if you could speak to your son/daughter to encourage them to apply for one or more of the posts that are available.  This is an exciting opportunity for your son/daughter to join the Senior Student Leadership Team for 2021/2022.


Ringmer ECO Hub

Ringmer Eco Hub is now on instagram and Facebook! Follow us to see all the exciting things we are up to.

 If you want to become an Eco Rep then contact us at


Roadworks right outside King’s Academy Ringmer on Lewes Road

Due to the roadworks and traffic lights just outside of the school entrance, there are some added risks at the end of the day.  Students are trying to cross the road when the lights are red, and some cars are driving through amber and red lights, making this potentially very dangerous.  Also, the car park is getting very congested due to cars not being able to leave the car park, due to the traffic lights.  Students have now been told that should they need to cross the road, they should leave via the left exit and make their way to the crossing.



Just to give you an update on the bus routes since the return to school on March 8, 2021. We have had a few issues in the last week that we have now resolved, please see below details that may be helpful to you.

All bus routes are running the same timetable that was in place prior to the latest lockdown in January 2021.

Routes 142 and 318 - run by Seaford & District bus company - Seaford & District are running as normal where students can pay daily or buy a weekly Freedom Ticket, the Seaford & District buses are now able to take contactless payments as well as cash.

Route 28 - run by Brighton & Hove bus company have amended all the timetables and duties for schools restarting. Since the beginning of the school year in September, the 7.57am journey from Lewes Waitrose has been restricted to students only. This means from the Waitrose stop it is able to carry a full seated load and is for school children only.  This 28 journey is available to the general public on its route before Waitrose, so there will be restricted seating on that section of route, once the maximum numbers are reached they will not allow additional passengers. Students trying to board say at the Prison crossroads are advised to walk to Waitrose so as to ensure they can catch the student only 28 journeys to Ringmer. Students can either use a permit that you buy directly from Brighton & Hove bus company or pay daily on the bus. Please ensure students have the correct money when they get on as the bus company is currently giving change via a voucher and not with cash.

All other bus routes have the same payment options as before lockdown.

I hope that the above helps answer any queries, that you may have, however, should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me by email on

Have a great weekend

Kind regards

Have a great weekend

Kind regards


Sian Williams