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Pinzolo SKI Trip Blog

Follow updates on here about the Ski Trip 2023!

Getting excited now, bags packed all ready for the early departure tomorrow morning!!

DAY 1 -

And we are on our way! We are on the ferry now! 

Just had a quick stop near Reims, before back on the coach for the next leg.  Students got to practice their French translation on the machines.


First Outing Skiing

First four hours of skiing completed just sitting down for our first dinner.

Lots of great skiing weather is fantastic lots of tired students, looking forward to dinner and then a short walk.

Day 2

Second day skiing, lots of fun had on the slopes, venturing further up the mountain.  A lot warmer than we thought it would be, no need for woolly hats.  New food being tried and in some cases enjoyed, whilst others didn't want to spoil how good it looked.


 Awards are being handed out for Kindness, Resilience and Ambitious!!! 6 winners so far.


Day 3


More skiing lessons today, after a night of Karaoke last night.  All students made it higher up the mountain which is a great achievement.  Heading out for some Gelato shortly.



 Day 4- After a great night with Gelato and sorbet for some last night, all students managed to get up and refreshed ready for skiing today, everyone made it upto the top of the slopes which was fantastic to witness, lots of proud individuals.

This evening we have just got back little late from the snow shoe walk but had good fun all the same