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KAR Weekly Newsletter 01/07/22

King's Academy Ringmer Weekly Newsletter 01/07/22

This week's message from our principal, Mrs Williams.

This week's newsletter is an enrichment day special!

Branching Out



Rocket World

I was very disappointed that we did not manage to make orbit…… but we tried.  Some water rockets the students built were amazing aesthetically but flew like stones and others looked, well frankly like a dog’s dinner and climbed high.  All students who participated seemed to really enjoy the tasks, the budget was £1 million (That was the maths bit) and the main event LAUNCH was enjoyed by all.  We lost 2 rockets that managed to park on top on the Stephen Green building, poor guidance, but the best went straight up and then crashed down to earth with a wallop.  I loved it and really had a fantastic time.  Mr Taylor RASA Director!



If you were lucky with the weather this was a glorious day! We set off across the fields heading for Glynde and Mount Caburn.  As expected there was plenty to avoid, cows, sheep and their various deposits! When we got to the top of the Mount the views were spectacular; stretching to the coastlines of Eastbourne to the east and Brighton to the west.

We then headed down into the village of Glynde where we had a lovely lunch on the playing fields and watched some very energetic football and games. I suspect the hills we would have to climb on the way back were forgotten at this point, but we have plenty of time to walk back and an opportunity to forge new friendships and have new conversations.

The students showed resilience and curiosity on the trip and were respectful of their peers, the staff and the surrounding countryside. I was extremely proud to be part of the school.


The Science of Chocolate

Year 7 and 8 students took part in a half day chocolate extravaganza. 

Students learnt about the raw ingredients chocolate is made from and the interesting science that turns a bean into a delicious treat. They then learned some techniques of a professional taste tester and rated 5 different chocolates using all their senses. 

Following this they produced their own milk chocolate bars from the raw ingredients and poured their liquid mixture into silicone moulds to set.

Whilst the bars were setting students designed their own wrappers that would entice buyers.

Not only did students have a fun and tasty day, but they also learnt about key scientific conceptions like freezing, melting, fermentation, dissolving, evaporation and particle size.


Just Dance

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 enjoyed a day of Just Dance, dancing to a mix of modern and classic songs, following along to unique pieces of choreography on the screen. The students performed their best dance moves and had lots of fun!


Buzz Active

Students enjoyed activities such as raft building, kayaking and paddle boarding, engaging in team building exercises and falling into the water! 

From knots and lashings learnt in the raft building and balance skills and meteorology developed in windsurfing, through to knowing when to duck and how to rescue yourselves when you've capsized in sailing. It wasn't all plain sailing for the year 8s at Eastbourne, but they showed their resilience and came through with flying colours. After all, “A sailor is not defined as much by how many seas he has sailed than by how many storms he has overcome.”

A parent commented:

‘My son had a brilliant beginning of the week and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. He is still loving school and comes out enjoying his day which is wonderful to see.’ 


Annual Parent Survey

We have currently opened the annual parent survey and would be appreciative if you could take some time to complete it over the next week The link is



In September we will be running a Parent Information evening about On - LineSafety. We hope to do this remotely so that as many of you as possible can attend. 

In the meantime, the most recent craze of Tik Tok Live seems to be the main cause of inappropriate online behaviour so here are some links to support you as parents and carers:

Parents' Ultimate Guide to TikTok (Commonsense Media)

TikTok app safety – What parents need to know (Internet Matters)

Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,


Sian Williams