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ACADEMIC YEAR 2023 - 2024

TERM 1: Friday 1st September 2023 - Friday 20th October 2023

AUTUMN HALF TERM: Monday 23rd October 2023 - Friday 27th October 2023

TERM 2: Monday 30th October 2023 - Friday 15th December 2023

WINTER HALF TERM: Monday 18th December 2023 - Monday 1st January 2024

TERM 3: Tuesday 2nd January 2024 - Friday 9th February 2024

FEBRUARY HALF TERM: Monday 12th February 2024 - Friday 16th February 2024

TERM 4: Monday 19th February 2024 - Thursday 28th March 2024

SPRING SCHOOL HOLIDAY: Friday 29th March 2024 - Friday 12th April 2024

TERM 5: Monday 15th April 2024 - Friday 24th May 2024

MAY HALF TERM: Monday 27th May 2024 - Friday 31st May 2024

TERM 6: Monday 3rd June 2024 - Tuesday 23rd July 2024

SUMMER HOLIDAYS: Wednesday 24th July 2024 - Friday 30th August 2024



INSET 1 – Friday 1st September 2023

INSET 2 – Monday 4th September 2023 (all students in on Tuesday 5th September)

INSET 3 – Friday 1st December 2023 

INSET 4 – Friday 9th February 2024 (Whole MAT INSET)

INSET 5 – Friday 15th March 2024



Further to a consultation involving all stakeholders of our school, I would like to relay information relating to King's Academy Ringmer's term dates for 2024-2025. Following a significantly positive response, we will be piloting a 2 week half term in October 2024-2025, with a slightly extended summer term.

This will work as follows:

  • 2 week October half term - (finishing on Friday 18th October rather than Friday 25th, returning Monday 4th November)
  • Finishing on Thursday 24th July, rather than Tuesday 22nd July.

We believe that this will have positive effects on reducing illness and absence rates for students and staff, as well as supporting our wider recruitment and retention of the best staff available. In addition, by having a two-week October half term, families can take advantage of cheaper holiday prices should they wish and avoid missing school. We have excellent attendance which is well above national and local schools, so a reminder that any holiday outside of these times is unauthorised absence.

Mr. Harvey.