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King’s Academy Ringmer has been focused on making sustainability an integral part of our school and learning since 2022.  

We are an Eco-School, and we were awarded our first Eco-School award in 2002, which we have now held for over 20 years and are the oldest secondary school holder in the UK.  We are also recognised as one of the top Eco-Schools countrywide.


With the drive and passion of Steve Green, we have also installed a wind turbine, solar panels, a biomass boiler, an electric car charging point, low-energy lighting and won many awards throughout this time; most recently the Department of Education Sustainability Award 2022.

The then Principal Mrs Williams and Environmental Project Manager, Mrs Teague, were thrilled when they won the award presented by Sponsor EQUANS and comedian Ed Byrne.  Mrs Williams said “We faced tough competition, we got to know the other finalists while we were at the conference and they were truly inspirational - I am so proud of our students and their achievements because they are the reason we won the award”. 

We used the prize money from the award, together with grant funding from the N + P Group, to install a fantastic living green wall of plants, inside the Steve Green building in the canteen area.  The plants help to provide the students with a healthier environment, improve their sense of wellbeing and also provide a teaching resource for the school.  

We have lots of exciting plans and activities planned and work closely with the students to ensure that they can share their ideas, get involved with our activities and feel that they are making a difference and part of our shared ambition towards our Eco work.

Please contact the Environmental Project Manager Liz Teague to find out more.


Eco Reps:

Eco at King’s Academy Ringmer is driven by the students.  We hold our weekly Eco Club every Monday lunchtime in our Eco Hub building & garden, the building is made of repurposed materials with a living roof to help with biodiversity. At the moment we have around 40 Eco Reps who are eager and enthusiastic about re-wilding the school grounds to encourage wildlife, including the creation of a wildflower meadow.

At the club the Eco Reps have the opportunity to grow plants for the garden and the on site greenhouse. Work was done in 2022 with A Band of Brothers to tidy and make the Eco Hub garden more attractive to wildlife, in addition to planting trees and shrubs.  Due to the heatwave of 2022, we have replanted trees and native hedgerows, sowed wildflower seeds, repositioned the bird feeder and our wildlife camera, installed a rainwater planter outside reception, to capture water from the drainpipe as well as holding a litter pick and working with St Mary’s Church in Ringmer to assist with their Eco work, and also with an indigenous village in Brazil through the charity RAIN.   

Eco Committee:

As part of our Eco-Schools award, we also have an Eco Committee.  

The role of the Eco Committee is to ensure that we keep on track with our Eco-Schools Action Plan and the projects we have decided to work on during the year. In addition to Mrs Teague, we also have our Eco Governor Ms Kong and Eco Parent Matthew Scott, but most importantly, our Eco Reps who wish to be on the committee and help drive the projects and activities forward.