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KAR Newsletter 30/04/2021

Weekly Newsletter from Principal Mrs Williams

A momentous week this week as we were able to hold our first assemblies. These were held in the gym, in social bubbles with face coverings on. It was such a pleasure to see us gather as a community again and in some ways very poignant. We spoke about resetting the school, taking care of each other and returning to those high standards which enable us all to be proud of the school. The Key stage leaders will be writing to you all separately to discuss resetting those standards and the support you can give us. We can't wait to get back to regular assemblies to promote the new house system and start with our inter-house competitions.


The Year 11s are working exceptionally hard at the moment on their assessments and we are very proud of the way they are applying themselves. In fact, all year groups are working hard to ensure that the pandemic has not had a long term impact on their progress. By the end of this week, we will have had over 100 students working with external tutors either online or in person, some in school and many staying behind after school to work. This will continue on either a weekly or fortnightly for some time to come.


Senior Student Leadership Interviews

We held our 2021/22 Year 10 Senior Student Leadership Interviews on Tuesday 27 April 2021.  On Thursday 29 April, myself and Ms Da Nobrega, KS4 Lead had the pleasure of telling the following successful students the results.  


2021/2022 Senior Student Leadership Team

Head Boy – Henry May – Franklin House

Head Girl – Grace Kelly – Turing House

Deputy Head Boy – Kit Street - Turing House

Deputy Head Girl – Rosie Ellis – Hawking House

Head of Franklin House – Allanah Dowling – Franklin

Head of Hawking House – Hannah Richards – Hawking House

Head of Turing House – Will Mizon – Turing House

Head of Seacole House – Joab Sutton – Seacole House

Senior Student for ECO – Kit Street - Turing House

Senior Student for OASIS – Elisa Oakes – Turing House

Senior Student for OASIS – Seraphina Watkins – Turing House

Senior Student for Sport – Tom Silvester – Turing House

Senior Student for Sport – Luke Thomson – Franklin House

Senior Student for Marketing – Caitlin Du Toit – Franklin House

Senior Student for Marketing – Alex Freezer – Turing House

Senior Student for Marketing – Sky Jackson – Franklin House

Senior Student for Transition – Ria Casey – Franklin House

Senior Student for Transition – Robyn Hughes – Hawking House

Senior Student for Transition – Teah Jackson – Turing House

Senior Student for Transition – Ryan Thomson – Turing House



The interview process was very rigorous and all students who were shortlisted were of the highest standard we have interviewed to date.   


Music Department - Learning an instrument and singing at KAR

I'm so pleased to have welcomed both Year 7 and 8 back to the main music room now and live music making is in full swing. Both year groups have been learning keyboards as well as guitar and ukulele and we will be introducing chair drumming soon. So there has been renewed interest from students in taking up lessons. 


I would strongly encourage our students to take this opportunity to start learning an instrument or singing. Our fantastic team of instrumental teachers are very experienced and encouraging. You can find out more at the link below:


Piano/Keyboard, Guitar (all types!), Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Singing:




Thank you, Ms Urquhart


Eco Hub 

Greetings from Kings Academy Eco-hub.  We are keen to start planting wild flowers and pollinators for our bees, hoverflies and butterflies but we need your help.  We are looking for donations of gardening tools, seeds, plants and compost. If you have anything at home that you no longer need we would love to use it in our Eco hub. Donations can be dropped off at reception.  Remember you can follow us at


Free School Meal vouchers 2021

Please note that ALL vouchers that have been sent out have an expiry date on them, we are unable to change this date so we ask you to redeem them before the expiry date shown on the voucher. Please check whether you have any unspent vouchers the expiry date for the is 30th April 2021.  Thank you, Debbie Duckworth, Business Services Manager.


Year 6 Parents Summer School

We are delighted to confirm that we will be going ahead with a Year 6 Summer school the week beginning the 9th of August. The week will be FREE to all of our prospective Year 7s and will include visits to Cuckmere Haven and Branching out as well as some Performing Arts days, Transition and Mental well being and a problem solving day, all on site. Next week we will be sending out a letter to enable you to sign up.


Safeguarding focus:

Our focus this week is on an App for students called MeeToo


MeeToo is a multi-award winning, free, anonymous app where young people can talk about difficult things. Built on research showing the positive impact of peer support for mental health, MeeToo provides a safe, pre-moderated (by humans) space for young people aged 11+ to experiment with opening up about whatever may be on their mind.


Posts can be responded to by other users, as well as a team of trained university psychology students and MeeToo counsellors who help to guide discussions and ensure that no post goes unanswered.


Moderators check every post and reply before they go live to ensure the safety and anonymity of our users, and our counsellors uphold a sophisticated system for monitoring and tracking potential safeguarding risks.


MeeToo supports over 6,000 young people each month. It is featured on the NHS Apps Library and promoted by more than 1,000 schools in the UK.


You can easily see how MeToo works here:

For more information and to request engagement materials please contact or visit