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KAR Newsletter - 15/09/2023

Please see this week's KAR newsletter:

Dear parents and carers,

I hope you have had a good week. I am pleased to report that we have had another fantastic week at Kings Academy Ringmer. I continue to be impressed with the politeness, respect and good character shown by students at this school. 

It was a pleasure meeting with many of you this week at the ‘Meet the Principal/Year Group launch’ evenings. I am clear that in order to move the school forward, I need all of your help, support and ideas. I will soon be in touch regarding an initial questionnaire to gauge parent/carer views, as well as dates for the first coffee mornings. The ideas from these forums will support our strategy to become the best school in Sussex. 

Within the evenings, I highlighted the importance of all students having positive attendance. This is the single most important factor to support your childs’ chances of receiving good outcomes at GCSE. Whilst 94% in a test is considered a good score, with regards to attendance this statistically is already considerably reducing the chances of success. As a school, we have now set an aspirational target of 100%, with a minimum expectation of 96%. We will be communicating with home more regularly, to work with you regarding your child’s attendance and how we can support.

This week I held a positive meeting with our fantastic Student Council, and their ideas will be taken to the school leadership team. Next week we have an important evening in the school calendar, our Open Evening on Wednesday 20 September. I am delighted by the uptake of tour guides in Years 7-11, and any further interest should be directed to Mr Wood to sign up for the evening. I have no doubt that they will represent the school impeccably, and we look forward to showing the school in the best light possible.

May I please take the chance to thank you for all of the support shown so far in my two weeks at the school. I am keen to build the community further and look forward to working with you all.

I hope you enjoy the weekend.

Kind Regards,

Mr Harvey


Music Department - 1:1 and small group lessons for Instrument or Voice at Kings Academy Ringmer

On Friday 8th September during lesson 3, Year 7 and 8 students will listen to a concert organised by the Music Department with Create Music to promote music and show the opportunities for learning an instrument and voice at Kings Academy.

Learning to play a musical instrument provides children with an experience that enriches their lives in so many ways. Through learning an instrument children will learn musical skills that help develop a lifelong love of music. Research has also shown that there are many other benefits associated with learning to play a musical instrument including:

- raising confidence and self-esteem

- improving teamwork, concentration and many other skills for learning

- connecting with new people and broadening horizons

- improving their well-being by becoming happier and healthier

Lessons take place either individually or in small groups during the school day. If your child already knows which instrument they are interested in learning, you can apply for lessons directly via our website:

·         Learning Drums at KAR with Ollie Green

  •  Learning an Instrument at KAR with Create Music

Watch these clips to find out which instrument you can learn at KAR. Vocals, keyboard and guitar (both electric and bass) are VERY popular so if you are interested, sign up quick!

If you have any questions or would like any advice about what your child should learn, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Music Clubs start next week (beginning 18th September) see attached poster!

Year 7 Tuesday - Bring your lunch and come to M02!

Year 8 and 9 We will be starting to use computers and chromebooks in lessons, please bring small in-ear headphones with a mini jack connector. (Bluetooth will no work)! They can be found cheaply here and recommend putting a name sticker on the wire so they can be returned to you if lost!


ECO News

Today I harvested our tomatoes from the school greenhouse.  Unfortunately, our harvest was very small due to a combination of starting a bit late in the season, the great British weather (which has been variable to say the least) and the summer holidays, where we have been trying to maintain watering whilst the school was closed.  However, despite the challenges, I am really proud of all of the Eco Reps for their enthusiasm, help and support with the greenhouse.  I will be working with Food Technology and the Eco Reps to plan our short harvest crops and get things started as early as possible in the spring, so that we get a better harvest next year.  Thank you once again, Mrs Teague



Scholastic Book Fair 

Reading for pleasure is transformative for students’ academic success and personal wellbeing. To help inspire and excite our students we are having a Scholastic book fair from 25th to 28th September.


This pop-up book shop will be taking place in the LRC during break and lunchtime all next week. Students will be able to choose from 200 books, from award -winners and new releases to beloved favourites and best sellers. These books have been selected by experts and prices start from £2.99

Every time you buy from the book fair you help make a difference by supporting literacy at our school. All sales made during the book fair will go towards the scholastic reward scheme and in return we will be given free books for the school library.

This payment link was emailed out earlier this week. You can also access it here 

We are asking parents to pay directly online once the students bring home their wish-lists. All orders must be placed online during the fair (Mon 25th -Thurs 28th)- and ordered books will be available for collection from the LRC. 

Mrs Colbourne 


Weekend Career Experience Opportunities for ages 12 to 18 – INVESTIN

INVESTIN have just published their autumn term career opportunities which are available in 15 cutting-edge industries.  Students will learn directly from some of the world’s best professionals through a series of live, interactive simulations which provide tailor-made professional experiences to ages 12 to 18. 

All programmes take place on Sundays, with dates available from November to January.  Students can choose to attend in person at UCL in London or live online.

Online places get booked up quickly so if your son/daughter is interested in one of the events, their advice is to book early.  To view the events and register, please follow this link: INVESTIN 


Safeguarding - Vaping and Children - Action for Children

If you've been out and about this summer enjoying Britain's "wonderful" summer weather, you likely will have seen congregations of school age children accompanied by vape sticks. Within the space of a few years, it has become shockingly common place for those underage to be in the possession of these devices. Many months ago, I mentioned the danger that their use would become endemic among this demographic. Often brightly coloured, often sold at off-licences and often flavoured with sweet tastes which seem almost to be designed for children. I have sadly been proved correct over the past eight weeks or so. It is of vital importance that your pupils are well aware of the potential health implications of this new trend. Action for Children have published a page on the matter, and I believe it's well worth a read. Please follow the link below to find out more: