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  • Weekly Newsletter 25/09/2020

    Published 25/09/20

    Latest message from Principal, Mrs Williams 25/09/20

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  • Weekly Newsletter 18/09/2020

    Published 18/09/20

    Latest message from Principal, Mrs Williams 18/09/20

    Dear Parent/Carer,

    Here is the Principal's assembly, please see below if you simply wish to read the information or access the links.




    Reassurance of COVID-19 letter home

    Please be reassured that we do not have a case in the school or any students/staff who have been symptomatic whilst in school.  Please see the video newsletter link for further clarification.


    Thank you

    Thank you to all the parents/carers that have written to myself and my staff to congratulate us on a brilliant return to school.


    Student Council

    This week we held our first Student Council meeting of the year with 100% attendance.  Students are very excited about developing KS3 student leaders.  Students were also excited about the launch of the new House System



    We have asked our students to return all their locker keys from last year as they have had to be moved to be in each Year group bubble.  We still have a considerable number outstanding to be returned which means that we are unable to reallocate all the remaining lockers.  Please can you help us with this by reminding your son/daughter, who may still have a key from last year, to return it to finance via their tutor asap.


    Open Evening 2020

    Virtual Open Evening on 1st October and Open Mornings from 5 October to 15 October.  If you have any friends or relatives that may be looking at choosing a secondary school with their son/daughter, please refer them to our website for further information on how to book on both events.



    Thank you for encouraging your son/daughter to come into school since we have been back as this has contributed to our current high attendance figures.



    Please see this helpful link on how to deal with anxiety here



    Steve Green who you may know as our Environmental Coordinator has decided to retire at Christmas.  We are all very proud of the work Steve and his Eco reps have done to make us a leading school in the country.  I hope if you see him out and about, that you wish him well.


    Have a great weekend

    Sian Williams


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  • Return to School 2020

    Published 29/08/20

    Please see the 'Return to School' document below for all the information you need to start back with us on 7 September 2020

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  • Year 11 Results Day

    Published 20/07/20

    Year 11 Results Day Thursday 20th August

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  • Weekly Assembly 16.07.2020

    Published 16/07/20

    Please see the link below for this week's message from Principal, Mrs Williams.

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  • Principal's Assembly 10.07.2020

    Published 10/07/20

    This week's message

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  • Principal's Weekly Message 03.07.2020

    Published 03/07/20

    Please see the link below for the latest message from Principal Mrs Williams

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  • Principal's Assembly 25.06.2020

    Published 25/06/20

    This week's Assembly 25.06.2020

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  • This week's Assembly 18/06/2020

    Published 18/06/20

    Assembly with Principal, Mrs Williams

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  • Principal's Message 11/06/2020

    Published 11/06/20

    This week's message from Principal, Mrs Williams. Information on social distancing measure within the school.

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  • Principal's Assembly 05/06/2020

    Published 05/06/20

    Mrs Williams Assembly on Time

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  • Principal's Message Week 9

    Published 21/05/20

    Please see the latest message from Principal Sian Williams





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