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Year 6-7 Transition

We believe that a smooth, positive and exciting transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is crucial to the start of the students' time at King's Academy Ringmer.

During the summer term we aim to visit every young person at their primary school to introduce ourselves and start to get to know them individually. We also liaise with their primary school teachers and collect information which aids us when allocating mentor and teaching groups.

In June we invite all Year 6 students and their Parents/Carers to meet their Mentor who will support them up until the end of Year 11. Parents/Carers will also have the opportunity to speak with key members of staff, buy or order uniform and find out about and apply for a bus pass and locker.  Parents/Carers can also find out more information about and join the PTA.

In July we invite all Year 6 students to attend an Induction morning where they will again meet their Mentor and be introduced to their Mentor Group. During the morning the students will be able to experience life at secondary school, taking part in activities in a number of subjects and enjoying a meal in the Dining Room.

We can also arrange additional visits for vulnerable students which is arranged through the Support for Learning Department. If you would like to discuss this further please contact Mrs Vicki Massingham on 01273 812220 or email: 

Current Year 7 Transition Stories:


When I arrived in the canteen to receive my brand new locker key I was excited for the day ahead. I was directed back into the Hall where all of the Year 7s were sat in Tutor groups, so I went to join mine.

Some students took me to my Mentor classroom where I was told to write most of my timetable into the spaces in my planner. Since we had a long mentor session, we all skipped first class, so instead of languages, I went straight to Art.

Our task was to edit a distorted arrow, turning it into whatever we decided we wanted to. Then came break, where I took the change to talk to two of my friends in one of the other tutor groups.  After break was over we had an assembly where we were told about the new fire alarm system.  Because of assembly, we didn't have mentor so we went straight to our next lesson which was PE.

Everyone took off their shoes and socks and most of us took off our blazers too. My team won twice in benchball.

My last lesson was History; our class were talking about direct information and how you can get information that is definitely true and inference.

Overall my day was brilliant and I hope others will enjoy their first day as much as I have.


Hello everybody my name is Reece. I'm a Year 7 and I'd like to tell you about my bus experience.

On my first day of school, my friend and I met up at the top of my road and we walked to the bus stop together. We were both nervous about who would be on the bus and what to expect and we soon got to know as the bus arrived at our stop.

My friend and I were both amazed by how many older students were on the bus and wondered how they would treat us. Lots of them welcomed us and helped us out on the way to school so that we got to know the do's and don'ts.

By making lots of friends straight away we felt really happy and at ease and they were still helpful even when we got to school as they helped us find our way around. After a few times travelling on the bus and making more friends you get used to it and look forward to it and you're no longer as nervous as the first day you travelled on the bus.

I travel from Hailsham so it's quite far but as long as you know the time your bus will get to your stop and where your bus stop is, you'll be fine.

Another good thing about the bus is that all the students that use it don't have to travel by car and taking all those cars off of the road in the morning for that journey makes it an environmentally friendly way to travel to school.

I hope that I've helped anyone who might be concerned about taking the school bus and I hope that Ringmer becomes your choice of secondary school.


On my first day I woke up and the first thing I thought was about the bus. I was really nervous about everything but what made it all that little bit more exciting was the journey to school on my own. I was worried yet excited because usually I'd walk to school but honestly I think my Mum was more worried than I was.

When I got the bus it felt strange to be without an adult but I soon realised that there was nothing to be afraid of. Sure, it was loud and busy but what I liked about it was that everyone got on with one another and it all felt quite laid back.

I also found out there are a group of people called bus prefects, who keep an eye on everyone so I know that if there are any problems on the bus there is someone I can talk to.

I have been getting the bus for just a week now and I know that my Mum needn't have worried at all.


I am here to talk to you about my first day to give everyone a good idea of what it is like to be a New Year 7 student at King's Academy Ringmer.

Soon after we had got off the bus I knew exactly where to go because I saw teachers and staff members greeting the new Year 7s at the main entrance and telling them where to go.

Once everybody had arrived we got told to sit down in Tutor groups in the main hall and then the Principal came into the hall and had a talk with us about goals, achievements, expectations and other important stuff.

Once the talk had finished we got up and went to our tutor groups.

I got lost on the way to my next lesson which was Drama but I didn’t worry because I remembered what Mrs Williams said, which was ‘if you get lost don’t hesitate to ask for help.” So I asked the closest person to me which happened to be a Senior Student; and she gave me directions in the simplest way possible.

I will give you a tip –  Do not worry about the hardness of your work on your first day; it’s all mainly writing your names on your folders and exercise books and just getting to know the rules and what the teachers expect from their students. Break time is at 10.50 – 11.10am  and lunch time is 12.50 – 1.35pm. There are a variety of things you can do such as go to the canteen for food and drink, go to the library, tennis courts, field or one of the many lunchtime clubs.

Finally, you do not need to worry about getting mixed up with the fire alarm and the school bell because they both have a very different sound and at least one teacher will give you a talk about that at some point.

Anyway, that was my first day at Ringmer! I hope all the future Year 7s in this room enjoy your first day as much as I did!


At King's Academy Ringmer we  have a special school buses, which only Ringmer students can get on. There is an advantage with these buses because they are double decker buses so there is lots of room. 

Ringmer has lots of school buses; they drop off right outside the school. The buses pick up at most bus stops. Each bus does different routes, so you will have to find which is best for you.

At the end of the school day there will be staff outside helping you catch the right bus and getting you to where you need to be.

Also if you have any troubles on the bus you can talk to staff and they will try to solve it.

All the bus drivers are nice and friendly, so are the other students on there.

I hope you have a great time at Ringmer if you decide to join us.


When I got on the bus everyone was much bigger than me. So I sat down with my friends and it turned out not to be scary at all, just a little loud. When I got to school, I was worried about getting lost but it's very easy to find everything. I know exactly where to go now, and if you are lost just ask someone. The people here are very helpful and you get used to having to swap over classes, it's like I've always been doing it. At break you can buy snacks, you can get these at lunchtime as well as a main meal. Wednesday's are really good because we have a carvery so you'll never be hungry again.

Casual Admission Transition Stories:

Tynne, Year 8 

"I'm a new year 8 at King's Academy Ringmer, I'm already a great tour guide and I love talking to people about the school. Coming to Ringmer was amazing, loads of people helped to take me to my lessons and were very friendly and I made friends in just a tick! I'm sure you will love coming up to Ringmer just as I did."

Year 9 

"I was very unhappy at my old school and after I left there, I had a year out of school. I started at Ringmer at Christmas in Year 9, and I love it! Everyone is really friendly, and the school has a really nice feel to it. I made friends really quickly and I'm now a lot more confident. I recently performed in the Rock Concert and it was amazing! This time last year I wouldn't have been able to sing in front of people and it's amazing how far I've come. I think anyone who joins Ringmer will find it really positive."

Alana, Year 10 

"Before I started at Ringmer I was very unhappy at my old school and my grades were slipping because of it. However since starting at Ringmer, not only have my grades largely improved but I have become a lot more of a happier, more confident person, thanks to the staff who really care about their student's well being. I appreciate everything they have done for me and how they have made it so easy for me to catch up on work and find a place where I feel happy and secure!"

Alex, Year 11 

"I came to Ringmer in February and was warmly welcomed to the school by all the friendly staff and students. I settled into Ringmer very quickly and I enjoy coming to school.  There is a nice vibe here and I made friends only within a few days. I joined when I was in Year 9 and 11 months later I became a Senior Student. I am heavily involved in the Music and Drama department and have made many appearances in some of the musical concerts. I'm sure that anyone who joins Ringmer will have a unique and positive experience.