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Staff here have been successfully delivering high quality education to students with significant Communication and Learning Difficulties at King's Academy Ringmer since 2008. 

The successful partnership between the East Sussex County Council Children’s Services Department (CSD) team, the College and the parents of the students it serves has underpinned this success.

This is a key part of the local authority’s strategy for developing a network of special facilities to cater for students with high levels of complex needs.

Students enter the provision in Year 7 with two high needs places available each year; students are then able to access this provision up until year 11. These places are carefully allocated by the CSD team with a significant period of transition to ensure that the provision is suitable for each individual student.  Prior to a definite offer of a place on the project students will spend time in the college supported by our SENCO and House Leaders to ensure that they have the independence needed to be able to benefit fully from the provision.

The purpose of the provision is to provide support and expertise to allow the high needs students on roll to achieve to their full potential, both academically and socially; thus raising the educational and life aspirations of young people with complex needs to enable them to work towards having access to economic pathways and independent or supported living in their adult lives.

A key role is to ensure that their transition from post-16 education into college/employment/training or independent/supported living is as smooth and effective as possible and that the students are well prepared to get the most out of their adult lives in terms of education, training, employment, independent travel and other life skills.

The students are expected to be fully integrated within the academy, both socially and educationally, so that the young people are involved in all aspects of college life and prepared for the independence of adult life. During social times students are able to be independent of any support staff. The students also access the small mentor group sessions independently and contribute to the activities within these groups.

The students on the roll of the special provision will be supported to take full part in the day to day life of the academy including out of school activities, for example attending a week camping in Wales in Year 8. They will access the majority of their learning alongside their peers as possible and lessons will include materials which they can access. Some withdrawal teaching and sessions will be provided on a needs basis where resources allow.

For more information please contact Mrs Ann-Marie Waite on 01273 812220 ext 246 or email: