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As an 11-16 academy, we are committed to excellence, offering a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that meets the needs of all of our students and ensures that all students are stretched and challenged to achieve to the very best of their ability.

The curriculum is reviewed annually in response to any changes required at the national level and also to ensure it meets the particular needs of each cohort that passes through the school.

Years 7 to 9 (Key Stage 3) 

In the first three years of secondary education, all students follow a common curriculum which comprises of the following subjects. To download details regarding what is taught across the three years click on the subject name.

Core Subjects Foundation Subject
English MFL - French / Spanish Dance
Maths Geography

Personal, Social and Health Education

Year 7Year 8 and Year 9

Science  History Art
  Computing Drama
  Food Technology *  

Design & Technology *  Yr 7

Yr 8/

Yr 9 

Years 10 to 11 (Key Stage 4) 

We are committed to offering a broad and flexible Key Stage 4 curriculum which matches the needs and interests of all of our students.  Most students take a range of GCSE or equivalent Level 2 qualifications. Level 1 and entry Level qualifications are also offered where appropriate.

Students in KS4 follow a core curriculum and study four additional option subjects. To download details regarding what is taught across the three years click on the subject name.

 Core Subjects Years 10 - 11

Ebac Options 10 - 11

Open Options 10 -11 
      Two from:

English/English Literature

Geography (GCSE) or

History (GCSE)

Art (GCSE)


French (GCSE) or

Spanish (GCSE)

Dance (GCSE)

AQA Science (GCSE)

Combined or Triple



Computing (GCSE)

Core P.E (non-Exam) 


  Design & Technology (GCSE) 







Food Preparation and Nutrition (GCSE)




Music (GCSE)



  Photography (GCSE)




Physical Education (GCSE)




BTEC Sport









* Delivered through special sessions throughout the school via guest speakers or staff and during tutor time and assemblies.