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The Sixth Form ‘The Community Pledge’

Each student at Ringmer gets involved with their local and Global communities. This is achieved by them taking part in ‘The Community Pledge’. The Pledge is spilt in to three parts based around the College’s guiding principles:

  1. To Achieve by being Enterprising
  2. To be Caring by Volunteering in the College
  3. To Contribute by Volunteering outside the College

Achieve by being Enterprising

As a student at Ringmer you will be encouraged to get involved in ‘Business’. Whether it be local businesses involvement through joint partnerships or In College Entrepreneurial activities like the ‘Apprentice, You’ve Been Hired’ an event that runs each year involving challenges with other Colleges. We firmly believe that all the experience you can gain here will put you in a much stronger position in the work place.

Caring and Contributing by Volunteering

Ringmer Community College has a network of staff who require Sixth Form Volunteers. They range from Supporting younger students with their reading to running Drama clubs. Whatever your interests there is always a position available. There is a requirement to complete 30 hours over a year which equates to one hour per week which will be rewarded with evidence in your personal statements for University and Job interviews. If you decide to take the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award this will also go towards it. After the Volunteering is completed in College, placements are arranged in the local community and many students have already taken up positions.

All these extra timetabled activities are written in to your weekly routine so you know what you are doing each day and so can plan ahead. The ‘Community Pledge’ is a solid way to experience your community in a positive way for now and the future.

Some examples of the Volunteering taking place at Ringmer Academy

  • Supporting students through their involvement with the OSC@R (Organisations, Societies, Clubs at Ringmer).
  • Running clubs and Societies like Rugby, Drama and Music.
  • Individual staff support in departments.
  • Supporting younger students through their classes and mentor time.
  • Doing assemblies and helping at parents evenings.
  • Fund raising and building awareness of Charities.
  • Literacy support both in and out of classes.

Roles are developing all the time and students are leading the way and creating roles for themselves too.