Easter 2022 Newsletter

Easter 2022 King’s Academy Ringmer Newsletter Dear Parents, Carers,Staff and Governors, Another eventful term and a great start to 2022. You may recall I met with the Senior Student Council in September and we all agreed that we wanted to get our mojo back, well we have! We have been out and about in the community enjoying our newly recovered freedom. Some of Year 10 were able to visit the Globe Theatre in London to see a production of ‘Macbeth’ and the English department are planning another trip to see ‘An Inspector Calls’ so that the rest of the Year group also get a chance to have a theatre experience. Mr Peacock also took a group of students for a backstage tour at Glyndebourne. We are so lucky to have venues like this nearby or close enough for a day trip. The PE department have been busy with fixtures and Miss Braggins was able to take our Dance group ‘Rapture’ to perform in a live performance at the Congress Theatre in Eastbourne. Mr Coultard is arranging the ski trip for next February half term and we have been inundated with interest. As you know I was totally delighted with our celebration of World Book Day, never have I been in a school where Year 11 embraced dressing up with enthusiasm, and a special shout out to 11NMO who ALL came as characters from Peter Pan. They work hard and play hard and we are very proud of how they have addressed their mocks this month- a big shout out to year 11. Next time I write this newsletter – the GCSEs will be over and they will have celebrated in fine style with our first Prom in my time at Ringmer. We are an amazing community and this term I have been overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness of students, parents and staff. We began the term by collecting for the wonderful charity that gave us Ronnie our wellbeing dog. The staff at the RSPCA were overwhelmed by the boot load of donations that Mrs Beattie delivered to them after our collection. We then took down the display and celebrated Red Nose day with enthusiastic dancing and cakes galore raising a total of £ 937.84! Now we fly the flag for Ukraine and the table in reception is overflowing. We will soon run out of room and have to find a storage space for the substantial donations that are flooding in. Thank you so much, your generosity is overwhelming. Of course, it is not all good news, we have had to resort to remote learning in the last two weeks of term as the staff absence increases due to Covid. Without tempting fate, I am pleased to say that student cases have plateaued and remain relatively low. I would like to take the time to thank the hard-working teaching and support staff who have all found themselves doing jobs that they did not anticipate and have done so willingly and without complaint to support their colleagues. This term we say goodbye to Mr Potter, who we will all miss, and welcome Mrs White back from her maternity leave. We also say a fond farewell to Mr Peacock who has been the face of the school in the community and supported countless students as they transition into King’s Academy Ringmer. We will miss you Sir! So, my message to you at the end of this term is one of cautious joy, at the reawakening of the school and its lively buzz as we look forward to success for our year 11s and summer days in our wonderful school. Have a lovely Easter break. Sian Williams Principal FAREWELL Anyboby who knows me knows I couldn’t go without saying goodbye. Really it’s just an excuse to include a cheesey video of photos which I thought was a nice summary of the last five years. It was Mr Hiller that lured me to Ringmer and the chance to continue to work with Mrs Loney who I have now worked with for 17 years! My first impression of Ringmer was that it was very much behind the times as a school, and simply just needed to be brought up to date...with everything. I think five years down the line the school looks and feels like a completely different place. All the amazing staff, teachers, leadership and Mrs Williams keeping things on track have put Ringmer back on the map. The school currently is at its best point for many, many years. The teaching and learning is as good or better than any of our many rivals and it makes me feel very proud. It truely is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye. I had a great time and seeing admission go from 64 to 150 feels like I help achieved a small part in the success of the school. I wish the school all the best in its future and if anyone is looking to buy a property in Worthing ask for me at Winkworth. Warning, cheesey video: . Jamie Peacock Admission, Transition & Marketing