King's Academy Ringmer - July 2021 Newsletter

July 2021 King’s Academy Ringmer Newsletter Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Governors, This is the summer of positivity, inspiration and success and I refuse to let anyone tell me otherwise! You will probably be telling me I have been somewhat distracted by sport - and you would be right! Inspiration and courage from our ‘Three Lions’ who stepped up to the plate with an average age of 21 and gave it their all, then wrote with such humility about the events that followed. Positivity from Brit Emma Raducanu who got through to the last 16 at Wimbledon, being ranked 338 in the world. And success? Am I referring to Lewis Hamilton winning the British Grand Prix; Jordan Pickford winning the golden glove - or the Denmark football team who showed such strength and determination to compete in a glorious semi final, having nearly lost Cristian Eriksen? Well, of course, I could be referring to any one of these fabulous events and each of them had me on the edge of my seat and shedding more than a few tears. However, this year, I am talking about our very own, day long, completely exciting Sports Day! Students and staff alike had been crossing their fingers in the hope that it would go ahead, both from a ‘Covid compliant’ and a weather point of view. It was important that we had the whole day out there - that everyone who could, took part and most importantly that we felt a real sense of community spirit. What can I say - we smashed it! The PE department organised a fantastic day’s events and we had an amazing time- we had to run the Everybody dance’ event twice as it was so popular; Mr Phillips, who thought he would have a quiet hour supervising a few students running the school perimeter, was inundated with students who wanted to beat the record or run it as many times as they could, and the relay races at the end of the day affirmed that the new competitive house system is well and truly established! The event was indeed full of positivity, inspiration and success and we celebrated the end of another difficult year in style! It has been a challenge again without a doubt - another year without formal exams; no prom for our Year 11s; we’ve had to cancel a proposed ski trip and our out of school visits have been at a minimum. In school, we are still wearing face coverings and social distancing and you have supported us with bi-weekly testing and of course it isn’t over yet. We will be testing students on their return in September and still do not have insight yet into how long bi- weekly testing will continue into the autumn term. But… we have a new cohort of Year 7s to welcome in September, a Year 6 summer school to enjoy and a whole summer of fun in between. Reflecting on this year I cannot help but feel positive. Once again, I have been overwhelm ed by the support of this wonderful family we call a school. Staff have worked tirelessly to ensure that students are in school, as happy as possible and accessing quality education. Students have remained positive and brave in the face of the pandemic and parents and carers have been patient, understanding and generous with their thanks for the school. It is this that makes my job such a pleasure and why I look forward to coming into school every day. I am tremendously lucky and very grateful to this community. So, as I wish you all a wonderful summer break, I thought I would end with some wise words to our students from a very well known 1990’s song by Baz Lurrmann called ‘Sunscreen’. Your parents may know it and be wondering if I am about to tell you to floss, dance or wear sunscreen.. all excellent advice. No, I shall leave you with my favourite line and ask you to take the time to do this over the summer. For some of us, these lines are poignant because if we could go back in time and do this, we would. So King’s Academy Ringmer take time in the summer to: ‘Get to know your parents, you never know when they’ll be gone for good Be nice to your siblings, they’re your best link to your past And the people most likely to stick with you in the future’. BAZ LUHRMANN Have a wonderful summer Mrs S Williams - Principal NEW PROMOTIONAL SCHOOL FILM Well done to all our year 10 Student Leaders who helped Mrs Williams and Mr Peacock, write, direct and star in our fabulous new film...we love it! click here