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The academy was awarded the Specialist Schools and Academies Trusts Inclusion Award at Extending Level in 2009.

This award recognised that the college provides an excellent level of educational support and opportunity for all students regardless of their particular needs or abilities from the age of 11 to 16.  Please also see the separate sections relating to support of students with Gifted and Talented and also those with High Needs.

Our successful provision is underpinned by a high level of communication, cooperation and trust between specialist staff, Parents/Carers and students. Parents/Carers are encouraged to support the work done in school at home where appropriate, and telephone, email in-touch and the student journals are used as a way of communicating between home and school. 

The purpose of the provision is to provide the support and specialist expertise to allow students to reach their full potential. All students are encouraged to become independent learners, to aim high and develop resilience (to keep trying even when it gets tough). Staff who teach in mainstream classrooms are made aware of any barriers to learning the students may have and utilize the expertise of the SEN (Special Educational Needs) team to ensure that lessons are accessible. Students and Parents/Carers are supported at all transition points to make informed decisions about their next steps.

D2RINGMER103The type of provision provided will vary depending on staff assessment of need and will focus on the development of independence. 

We do not encourage the use of one to one support but promote a blend of learning environments including; withdrawal into small teaching groups, use of teaching assistants to support the learning of several students in one class, some targeted one to one/two learning, small to ordinary sized teaching groups and teacher support within all mainstream lessons. Teachers and teaching assistants are made aware of the learning needs of an individual student through the Pupil Portrait. Pupil Portraits also include information about a student’s strengths and useful strategies to support their learning in the classroom. These are reviewed regularly by staff, parents/carers and students and updated when required.

A student’s progress against their targets is regularly reviewed using teacher feedback and support is then tailored accordingly.

Our provision is tailored for students who have general or specific learning difficulties, physical disabilities or other difficulties that affect learning.

When students come to us with a Statutory Statement of Special Educational Need (SEN)/ Educational Healthcare Plan (EHP) the College staff work closely with East Sussex County Council Children’s Services Department to meet that young person’s needs. All special needs provision is in line with the National Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and Local Educational Authority guidelines.

To contact the SENCO to discuss special needs provision in the first instance please telephone Mrs Ann-Marie Waite on 01273 812220 ext 246 or email